Chapel Song and Video

I performed this unreleased song in a Chapel in NW Portland, OR. I recorded it using a 3dio Binaural Mic... use headphones for a better experience. 


Can't Get Back To Sleep - MUSIC VIDEO

Check out my first music video! Last month it premiered on The Deli Portland and they had some nice things to say:

There's nothing wrong with a little bit of smooth and silky electro-R&B sounds, and that's exactly what Telecommuter is dishing out with his debut single and video for "Can't Get Back to Sleep." 

Telecommuter is the solo project of composer and producer Alexander Margitich, who also holds a Berklee College of Music background in contemporary composition and production, as well as quite a bit of choral singing and improvisational jazz guitar training. Margitich's background has translated itself seamlessly into the electronic arrangements he's been working with recently. "Can't Get Back to Sleep" is laid over a slow tempo, moody electro beat, as Margitich gives a mellow and slightly sultry delivery of his vocals. The track was inspired by a fit of jet lag and insomnia that struck him on a family trip, the experience contributing to much of the song's moodiness. 

For the video, Margitich collaborated with his wife, fashion designer and photographer Lina Michal. Together they visually matched the mercurial air of the song with the abstract and ambient carnival shots. 

Debut Single

In October 2017 my first single was premiered on Earmilk. Here is what they had to say:

Telecommuter, the solo project of composer and producer Alexander Margitich, is bringing you the latest in moody indie electronica with "Can't Get Back To Sleep", his first single released off his debut EP.  Slated to arrive on the airwaves early next year, Telecommuter is debuting strongly, proving he's able to keep up with the trend of the time. 

The Californian, who went to Berklee College of Music, uses his background in improvisational jazz and choral singing in his atmospheric track. The contemporary production on "Can't Get Back To Sleep" clashes beautifully with Telecommuter's jazz sensibilities. The lyrics are dark and tense and the instrumentation is equally moody; its odd rhythm is an immediate attention-grabber. It's downbeat and relaxed, and Telecommuter's deep electronic sound gives the whole track a marvellous underwater feel, not unlike being overtired and unable to sleep. 


Debut Show

Last month I had my first show ever at Turn! Turn! Turn! in Portland! I put the bill together and did all the promotion and I thought I did a good job but I didn't expect it to be sold out!! Of course credit is also due to the other bands, Indigoe, SunSon, and Prolly Knot for their part in promotion and giving awesome performances. This was the poster, designed by Lina Michal. Also check out some photos from the show.